CapitaLand Investment acquires three properties in Singapore and Thailand

The sales are guided by CapitaLand Wellness Fund’s fulfillment of the shared purchase of a freehold lodging real estate in Singapore previous month. Upon the completion of the development of OMEGA 1 Bang Na, the total financial investment value of these four purchases will be about $700 million, bringing CLI’s finances following supervision in the region to $1.2 billion.

On the other hand, OMEGA 1 Bang Na is CLI’s primary logistics property in Thailand. As a built-to-suit venture, CSLF will create a modern programmed logistics campus with a gross floor area of 2.47 million sq ft, capable of settling over 150,000 pallet settings in an automated storage and access system.

“By incorporating our capability of value creation with best-in-class working capacities and drawing on the sector-specific sector understanding of our funding partners and managers, these budget are poised to add positively to our fee-related profits and give maintainable incomes to our buyers,” she adds in.

CapitaLand Investment (CLI) has acquired two commercial real estates in Singapore and an estate greenfield spot in Bangkok, Thailand.

ESA is set to broaden its portfolio in Singapore with approximately 320,000 sq ft in gross floor area by the end of 1Q2024. Upon completion of the procurements, ESA intends to turn both possessions into self-storage facilities in phases, offering air-conditioned units and facilities for a drink storage space.

Lentor Mansion condominium

Looking forward, these most recent acquisitions are readied to sustain the following stage of development for every of these CLI-managed funds, states CLI Southeast Asia Investment CEO Patricia Goh.

The industrial properties are acquired by Extra Space Asia (ESA), the Asia-focused self-storage channel regulated by CLI, whilst the 20-hectare property greenfield place OMEGA 1 Bang Na in Bangkok is gained by CapitaLand SEA Logistics Fund (CSLF).

Set to be Thailand’s largest standalone stockroom, the modern ramp-up campus will most likely be controlled by Ally Logistic Property when finished. Building and construction is set up to get started in 1H2024, with stage one expected to be completed in 2026.

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